My name's Sophie King, I'm a contemporary embroidery and textile artist born and based in the UK.

Throughout my work, I aim to show how textiles, especially embroidery, can be used as a powerful medium that can communicate messages about myself and the world around me.

My most recent embroideries draw upon my personal experiences as a woman in modern life. Exploring themes involving relationships, psychological trauma, emotional well being and rebirth. I examine many of the problems women face in day to day life, presenting social-politcal commentary on such issues.

I have been commissioned for a range of work of various size and scope, for all kinds of clients, personal and commercial, from Gwen Stefani to Teen Vogue and Bumble. I've also embroidered at pop up events, for brands such as Eileen Fisher. In 2017 I was a part of the group exhibition "Cut Cloth: Contemporary Textiles and Feminism."

My work has been featured in Nylon magazine, NME magazine, Lucky magazine, Teen Vogue magazine, Vogue.com, I-D.vice.com, Designboom.com and more.